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You can send money to anyone with a phone number, quick and sweet.

Your cash is safe

Our platform has been built with the state of the art security. Protect your username, password, and PIN, and you are safe.

Dodo protects your privacy

We will never give your phone or private information to anyone unless required by law.

We will resolve all issues in 24 hours

Our team is at your service; we will do everything in our power to resolve all issues within 24 hours.

There are no hidden fees

Transparency is a core tenet of our service, our fees will always be communicated.

Easy to use

DodoPay is built with simplicity in mind. Our app is easy to get started with.
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Send and receive money without exposing your personal details

Wouldn’t it be great if you can send money to someone without exposing your personal details? Would you not rather prefer that the only details your payer would need to send you money is your phone number? This is the main reason why the Bold ecosystem is focused on expanding is number of users within Africa so as to make money transfer easy, quick and private.

Send money to Ghana via Mobile Money from Nigeria

You can also make international transfers to Ghana and South Africa at affordable rates that don’t break the bank. Bold allows you to send money to banks in South Africa and Ghana quickly and at your convenience. You can also transfer money to mobile wallets in Ghana such as MTN mobile money, Vodafone cash, Airtel Money, and Tigo mobile money.

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Your Own Bold
Wallet Debit Card (coming soon..)

(coming soon..) Bold offers you a prepaid Visa Card which you can use to shop on major local and International online platforms. You can also use your Bold prepaid card to withdraw funds from your Bold account on all ATM outlet nationwide. Card is only available for verified users.


Our app has been built with the state of the art security

Customer Support

We focused on user satisfaction. Customer support is a must.


All your private informations are safe with us.


No hidden fees, Transparency is a must.